Newsletter #177 More Zing with 70:20:10 in 2021!

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The southern hemisphere at this time of year is (generally) hot and dry and it can be tough to get into the swing of the new year.

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Newsletter #176 The Pandemic and E-Commerce

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E-Commerce is one of the few winners as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe. There have been variations in the scope of ‘lockdowns’ throughout the world but several patterns have emerged....

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Newsletter #175 Treat Lockdown as an Opportunity


As usual, great tragedies can present opportunities and the worse thing you can do is treat lockdown as an extended holiday

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Newsletter #174 Don't You Want Me as a Customer?

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So about a week ago I sent off three emails to companies that apparently offer this service. You probably know what comes next because it's happened to you.

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Newsletter #173 Are Tablets Dying?

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The first iPad was released in April 2010 - not that long ago really.

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Newsletter #172 The Early Days & the Internet in 1999


  15th February marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of Netinsites Ltd and by an amazing coincidence and a degree of providence it happens that my wife and I are...

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Newsletter #171 What Exactly is Blockchain?


Hello, yeah it's been awhile Not much, how 'bout you' Our last newsletter wasn't quite as long ago as when England Dan & John Ford Coley first sung this...

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Newsletter #170 Mr. Robot & CDNs

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  If you haven't watched the highly acclaimed Mr Robot then you must - not only is it brilliant but it gives an insight into how hackable we all are.

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Newsletter #169 App or Responsive Website?

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The Web is often the major marketing channel so the question 'Should we build a mobile app or just a responsive Website?', is an important one.

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Newsletter #168 It's a Brand Not a Story

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  We come across lots of logos during the course of our Web design work and many miss the point.

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