Web Development

development2We design and build highly effective Website solutions for our clients.

Before we build a Website we look closely at the strategy behind the proposal and make sure it fits with the proposed design and structure. Although we use the latest Internet technology and keep up with the latest trends the effectiveness of the Website always comes first. If your business isn't improved by initiating or upgrading your Web presence then the project is a failure.

developmentoneWe are more interested in being Leading Edge rather than Bleeding Edge.

We design Websites that vary from the relatively simple, to the complex that require integration with existing databases or business systems. We generally use the following platforms:

  1. Silverstripe CMS where a content management system is required
  2. WordPress where you have existing experience with WordPress or where interaction with visitors is very important. WordPress is ideal for blogs.
  3. A number of platforms for e-commerce sites.


A consistent theme within our designs is a high level of usability and a stylish look. See Our Work for some examples.