Newsletter #175 Treat Lockdown as an Opportunity

Posted on Apr 5, 2020, 11:47 PM

It doesn't matter where in the world you're reading this, you'll probably be in some sort of lockdown.

As usual, great tragedies can present opportunities and the worse thing you can do is treat this time as an extended holiday.

We're Still Open and Working

Netinsites is still working - we're lucky that we work in a digital environment so don't physically need to be anywhere. So feel free to contact us as usual.

Because we deal in Web stuff, here's some warnings and some ideas in that area:

  • Beware the pandemic-related hacking attempts - there's bored hackers all around the world with extra time. CloudFlare is reporting 50-70% more hacking attempts in the last few weeks. You'll be asked to click on links to find out more about an amazing cure or vaccine. I suggest you delete  anything like this by email and change all your important passwords. Sort of a spring cleaning (although it's autumn here) - they should be changed every now and again anyway.
  • Do your Website and Google Business listings reflect the current state of your business and your business hours? If you haven't got the right access to change this sort of information maybe now is a good time to get that sorted out?
  • Think about content you could write for future newsletters and/or social media posts to your customers. It might be a good time to project ahead to how you think things will look when lockdown is over, because it will be one day.
  • As well as your hours, is all the basic stuff on your Website correct? Have you tested your contact form lately and/or checked your ordering system?
  • Is there anything you could do on the Web that you've been thinking of for a while? Maybe that could be put in motion during this period.
  • We hope you're also using the technology to stay in touch with the various people you deal with - Zoom, Skype, and Messenger are video chat applications that many people are using. If you've never used them, now may be the time to give them a try.

Stay safe out there....

Alex Garden