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Newsletter #163 Responsive Changes Everything

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Responsive design is building one Website that serves all screen sizes - the site will respond to your device by rendering it a way that suits.

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Newsletter #162 Personal Analytics & Why They Matter

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Ian Chee in his article "The Instagram Rule of 11" points out that on Instagram once you reach 11 likes, the list of likes shrinks to just a number.

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Newsletter #161 WWW Turns 25 - You Weren't Online in '89

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On March 12, 1989 Tim Berners-Lee produced a paper that outlined the concept and architecture of the World Wide Web.

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Newsletter #160 Three Web Must Dos For 2014

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On the Web's leading edge things continue to change rapidly and many of yesterday's 'leading edge' activities have turned into 'must dos' during the past year.

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Newsletter #159 The 9 Most Common Website Mistakes

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In 2013 your Website needs to be more than a brochure, it's core to your business.

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Newsletter #156 Build Your Mobile Version First

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By 2014 (next year) the number of people accessing the Internet on their mobile device will have overtaken those accessing the Web on their desktop machine (see graphic).

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Newsletter #155 Your Personal Cloud

Soon you won't refer to data as being on 'my PC' or 'my Mac'.

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Newsletter #158 Why is UX So Important?

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UX is a shortcut for 'user experience'. As we spend more time online, making transactions, looking for information and socialising, our UX becomes more important.

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Newsletter #150 Why Apple Has Changed the World

The rise of Apple over the last decade has been something to behold.

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Newsletter #153 How to Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

It's been called the business Facebook but many people see it as just a job search board.

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