Your e-commerce site will be based on OpenCart an open source e-commerce system. We have modified and improved the OpenCart system. You will need to choose one of the available OpenCart templates to set the structure of the site. The idea is to make the selling of your products the focus of the site.

A visitor to your site will be able to: 

e commerce

1. Browse your products and services catalogue in a hierarchical manner
2. Add and remove items from a shopping cart
3. Checkout their shopping cart
4. Shipping and tax calculations are made
5. Pay by credit card, PayPal, cheque and bank payment
6. Login to their customer account page; note there is a forgotten password system


1. Manage the products and orders via an Admin system
2. Receive notification emails which will also show product
variations if any
3. Create vouchers or coupons that customers can redeem
4. Can use the system for stock control
5. Products can have variations, like colour and sizes if necessary
6. Any products can have any number of related products which can show below it on the product page
7. Products can belong to multiple categories
8. Products can be ‘specialled’ although there is an extra charge for
‘specialling’ to work where variations have a different price
9. The system can work with complex shipping calculations
10. There is a MailChimp module that automatically adds new customers to MailChimp, this is an extra item below
11. Google Analytics is standard, we just require your Analytics code. If you haven’t got this we can setup a new account. We also have the ability to import all your existing products, however please note that images will have to be imported separately.

See some examples.